This organization shall be known as the Salem High School Student Council.


The purpose of the Student Council shall be:
A. To annually establish goals for the Student Council.
B. To establish closer cooperation between the faculty and students of Salem High School.
C. To make official recommendations to the administration and other appropriate policy-making bodies.
D. To assist in the establishment of contemporary and appropriate standards of education and school spirit.
E. To provide democratic school government through representation and participation of the student body in school affairs.
F. To promote the general welfare of the school and community.


Section 1. Selection of Council (Representatives)
A. Seven Student Council members shall be elected to the Council from each class
during the normal school-wide elections except in the event of a tie. In this case the class shall determine whether to hold a run-off election or send both people to represent their class.
B. The President and the Vice President of each class shall be members to the Student Council. In addition the Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer of each class shall be offered positions to serve on the Council as voting members. In the event that a class determines that it will create a new officer position, that officer shall also be offered a position on the Council as a voting member.
C. Should a member of the SHS student body hold an office with the New Hampshire Association of Student Councils (NHASC) or its Southern District, they will be entitled to full membership in the Council and hold full voting privileges.

Section 2. Duties of Members
A. Attend the general sessions of the Student Council.
B. Have one (1) vote in all legislative matters.
C. Report all Student Council information to their class.
D. Attend all Student Council activities.
E. Attend one state conference and one district conference per school year.

Section 3. Impeachment
A. A member must inform an officer of the Council if they are to be late or absent to a meeting. Otherwise, their failure to notify an officer in a timely manner shall be counted as an unexcused absence. Council members will be removed from office if they have three unexcused absences from scheduled meetings. An excused absence is defined as an absence from school, an excused tardy, or a meeting with another teacher. Members are encouraged to schedule other meetings appropriately.
B. Council members may be removed from office if the majority of the Council decides, by 2/3 of the membership, that their work is inadequate.
C. Members of the Council that become ineligible due to academic reasons will be removed from office for the remainder of the school year.
D. Members of the Council committing a level three or level four offense (as per the SHS disciplinary code) will be dismissed from the Council.
E. After committing an impeachable offense, the member shall be notified, in writing, of their status.
F. Vacancies resulting from an impeachment shall be filled by the following
  1. The position shall be made available to all members of the deficient class and the class officers and advisor will accept nominations to be interviewed before selection.
  2. The Council may recommend suitable replacements for interview by the Class
Advisor(s) of the deficient class and the class' remaining representatives.

Section 4: Guests of the Council at Meetings
A. Student Council meetings will generally be open to any interested students and faculty depending on their ability to make the meetings. Non-elected members may not vote nor may they enter into discussion unless recognized by the Chair.
B. The Council has the right to declare closed meetings.


Section 1. The officers of the Student Council shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer,
Secretary and Historian.

Section 2. Officers shall be nominated and elected by the Council with at least 2/3 in
attendance at the earliest possible opportunity after the general elections.

Section 3. Officers must meet eligibility requirements as set forth by the Salem
School Board for extra-curricular activities.

Section 4. Duties of Officers
A. President
1. Preside over Council meetings.
2. Coordinate execution of the Constitution. Call meetings of the Council of Executive
Board (consisting of the officers and advisor) with advisor approval.
B. Vice President
1. Assume all duties of the President in case of his or her absence or removal from office
for the duration of the term.
2. Perform all duties assigned by the President or Council.
C. Treasurer
1. Attend to all financial matters and act upon all appropriations and expenditures.
2. Prepare and maintain an estimated budget and record of financial transactions.
D. Secretary
1. Take attendance at meetings and maintain a record of all minutes of the meetings.
2. Maintain communications with members of the NHASC District Councils
3. Notify members once they have accumulated two unexcused absences.

E. Historian
1. Work with the secretary in maintaining records of all meetings.
2. Keep photographs and records of all events sponsored by the Council.
3. Delegate and be responsible for people to write summaries and articles for the school
paper, Southern District and state newsletters.

Section 5. Officers may be removed from office if their performance has been deemed
inadequate by 2/3 of the Council membership.


The Student Council shall meet on a regular basis and the frequency and times of these
meetings are to be determined by the advisor and/or the Executive Board.


The Student Council may set up and maintain committees determined by yearly need for such committees.


Any actions taken by the Student Council are subject to final approval by the Principal of Salem High School.


Amendments to this constitution may be proposed in writing by members of the Council, student body members, faculty, and administration by submitting any proposals to the Executive Board. Any proposed amendments may be approved through a 2/3 vote by members of the Council present at the meeting at that time.

Revised: September 2000
Revised: May 2010